Mother’s Love: A Guide to a Successful Life for All

Love or fear – the choice is…

Love and fear are often defined as the two most powerful forces driving our emotions. Depending on which one takes hold in a given situation, they can shape our behavior, lifestyle, and even our worldview.
But the real question might not be which one will dominate us. Maybe the key is learning to manage our emotions, rather than letting them control us entirely?
These are some profound questions, and their answers we shall always be looking for within ourselves. Ultimately, it is our own choice. For we hold the most powerful right in the universe: the freedom to choose for ourselves, within the realm of possibilities. It is obvious that if we choose fear as our dominant emotion, our lives will be filled with anxiety, insecurity, trouble, and disappointment. On the other hand, if we choose love as our compass, it cannot help but bring joy, happiness, and a sense of ease into our lives.
It is important to remember that the love we are talking about is not some limited perception, but comprises the entire spectrum of this powerful word – love for others and for ourselves, for the vibrant world of plants and all the living things, for the objects that surround us, love for our work, and even for the everyday tasks that fill our days.

Do we actually have this love and where does it come from?

Every mother gives birth to her child with love in her heart. That means we have been born with love that is inherent in us, it exists from the moment we take our first breath and cry for the first time. And this love within us can be a powerful guiding light, illuminating the path towards a rewarding and successful life.
I cannot help but be honest and open and share that my “most noble envy” refers to being devoid of that exquisite feeling that every mother possesses – the inception and the growing of the unborn child in her womb, its first signs of life, its separation at birth, and the feeling that the child is a part of her body.

There is a whole world of maternal love that men can only glimpse from the outside – it is a profound bond that, alas, we can only imagine. Perhaps this most powerful human instinct, this love, can only be fully grasped by mothers who have experienced it firsthand – they hold the key to comprehending this profound connection. However, all of us, myself included, were born by mothers – we have felt their unconditional love, and for that, we owe them a lifetime of gratitude.

They bear us with unique gifts and talents, many of which remain undiscovered or unrealized. We also inherit virtues encoded in our genes, which each of us has the responsibility to further. In return, we should strive to live up to our mothers’ hopes and dreams for us. There is no greater joy for a mother than seeing her child succeed and achieve its goals. Conversely, they are suffering and aching and are disheartened when their children face failure.

But how could every one of us live his/her life of dreams?

First, we must have realized that we have the full power to shape our own lives, to embrace our right to make our own choices, within the realm of possibilities. We should choose a healthy lifestyle and keep our bodies – our most true wealth – in ultimate condition.
We should set goals aligned with our dreams and talents, and devote ourselves to them. We should also savor the journey to achieving them, because achieving every goal takes time, and that time should be filled with joy and fulfillment.
We should realize the fact that life is the thing most precious for any human being:

  • because we do not know when it is going to end;
  • because when we close our eyes in the evening we could not be sure to open them again in the morning;
  • because when we leave our homes in the morning we could not be sure to return alive in the evening.

We have this inherent uncertainty – we are unaware when our time will be up, and this is all the more reason to make the most of every moment. Why waste even a second on negativity – fear, worry, anger, jealousy, or hate? Wouldn’t it be better to fill our days with gratitude, love for everyone and everything, joy, admiration, and the power of forgiveness – for ourselves and those around us?

Who, who opts for all of those?

If the universe is a single entity and we are part of it, then we all are interconnected, we all are one integral piece.
Therefore, we must help each other and derive mutual benefits from it.
Therefore, we must believe in each other without negating. Because when we believe in others, we express our recognition of them, and the other side feels our faith and eliminates any negative assumptions. I personally believe in every one of you, because there is no person without virtues, without positive qualities, without the urge to express their humanity.

We do not need to delve too deep into the question of “How to change the world?”

The world is a reflection of our own minds, of what we see with our eyes. We each have the power to choose what we focus on, the lens through which we see the world. If we choose to see it through fear, hatred, or negativity, we’ll only discover its darkest aspects. This, in turn, affects our own well-being, our own lives.
Imagine we choose to see the world through the eyes of the maternal love that we were born with – we shall discover all the wonderful aspects of the world around us; we shall perceive the world in quite a different way and, undoubtedly, the life of each of us could change. The choice is ours, after all.
Saying “Thank you! Thank you for having you!” to anyone, even a stranger, is not about bravery. It is the purest form of gratitude, because it is unconditional. These simple words send out ripples of positive energy, a gift that is valuable to everyone.

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