About Me


An Ordinary Life in (Extra)Ordinary Times

I’m grateful for the chance to have lived through times of dramatic change – these contrasting experiences have been invaluable in shaping my worldview. Imagine living
your whole life in unchanging conditions and environment – then your perspective of the world would be restricted by your narrow life experiences. But when you live your
life under profoundly different social systems, built on fundamentally differing principles, it allows you to compare things with remarkable clarity.

First 23 Years

The first 23 years of my life passed during the era of socialism. From an early age, I was immersed in the ideologies of then socialist society, progressing through
kindergarten, various levels of the education system, and the first half of my university studies. Two years of this stage of my life were spent in the ranks of the then mandatory military service. While I was just feeling somewhat prepared for life with this initially shaped view of the world, the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall induced a complete
transformation of our social system. Much of what I had learned proved to be irrelevant, useless, and even detrimental to my future. Whether willingly or not, one had to gradually adapt to the changing conditions. The years of this transition were accompanied by considerable upheaval and challenges in almost every sphere of life. From a
planned to a market economy, from censorship to democracy, from totalitarianism to freedom, and so on. All these challenges forged the resilience of each individual of our
generation. While the social system was transforming, the general values of people also underwent a steady shift. The perception of the world, perspectives, stance on life, and
– most importantly – on money, were fundamentally different when compared to the past. Thus, when I felt that this peculiar transition had come to an end, when I considered myself accustomed to the new conditions, my life had to start over again after I had immigrated to the “land of the free and the brave”. Once again, there was hardship, trial,
and all the mishaps typical of any immigrant. However, such changes always spur a man to reconsider his own life, to strive for comprehension, and to see the world through a
different lens. Both the world and life become what you choose them to be in your mind. Whether they are difficulties or amicable challenges depends on your perception.

I feel both lucky and grateful

Nevertheless, I feel both lucky and grateful for all those life-altering experiences, for they have come to be the most valuable life lessons. There is a vast chasm between merely asserting something and actually experiencing it. This is an invaluable treasure possessed by those whose lives have been enriched by diversity. Reaching an age when
one typically reflects on the past, I have begun to ask one question: “What would be my legacy that I am going to leave behind before my journey on this earth comes to an
end?” The most logical answer would be: to share myself – all these life lessons, with the hope of contributing to our society. For in this era characterized by rapid
technological advancement and the pervasive influence of social media, the danger looms that our society will further stray from its human essence. It is imperative to preserve
our connection with nature and the universe as a whole, for we are an integral part of it. Thus, we cannot pursue genuine happiness, well-being, and prosperity without valuing and nurturing this connection, without embracing the virtues we are born with, without recognizing the true worth of human life, and – most importantly – without daily asking ourselves the question: “Where are we heading for?”

Everyone is welcome to my virtual home!

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